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What to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

Well, the only place to go is up. I know it might sound kind of cheesy, but seriously, you’re going to have an amazing transformation story.

One of my mentors, Rick Rigsby, once told me 'Rock bottom can be a great foundation on which to build and on which to grow.'

You can rebuild yourself. Step by step, it is possible to get better. People do it all the time! You are not the only one who has been in a dark place. It is possible for you to get better too.

Why don’t I just let you hear it from Mr. Rigsby himself? And if you’re looking for more inspiration and self-improvement tools, pick up a copy of this book It's the Depression for Me.

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It's the Confidence for Me

How to Go from Embarrassed and Insecure to Cool and Confident

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