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Middle School Workshop at Miss Porter's School with Maeve Tedone (Farmington, CT)

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with 50 middle school girls at Miss Porter's School in Farmington Connecticut. This summer camp is a part of Porters Center for Global Leadership where they equip young women to grow into successful leaders.

It was such an awesome workshop! Teen girls today face many pressures from their parents, teachers, and what they see on social media. Many feel like they are not good enough and live with the weight of these insecurities.

Throughout our time together, we talked about our most embarrassing moments and exposed hateful things we've said about ourselves. The girls learned helpful tools based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to manage negative self-talk.

We also discussed the weight of our words and how much they matter! We encouraged each other and identified our own strengths and positive attributes. The middle school campers made encouragement boards for each other and positive mirrors for themselves!

The girls walked away knowing they are not alone in their struggles! We all struggle in some way with something. It’s up to us to support one another and spread hope. ☀️

Looking for a speaker for your youth event or school? Send me a message! 🎤

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