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Here’s Why Believing in Yourself Actually Matters

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Envision what it would feel like if you wholeheartedly believed in yourself.

What if you didn’t criticize and doubt yourself every minute?

What if you cheered yourself on through every struggle?

What if those self-deprecating thoughts didn’t take over when something goes wrong?

Often we are our worst critics and cause more stress for ourselves than necessary. When we let our negative and panicky thoughts dictate how we feel, chaos and depression ensue. When we learn to look at a situation objectively, with reason rather than with our emotions, we realize that everything will be okay.

When you believe in yourself, you don’t care as much about what others think. Little awkward moments won’t bother you anymore because you have better things to think about.

Someone who embodies this self-belief is Khanita Khoon, an awesome woman I met from Northern Thailand. When there was no one in her rural town to see her talent, she worked hard to make it to the big city, and eventually other countries around the world. She recognized from a young age that she had to advocate for herself if she wanted to become someone in this world.

During our interview, I asked her what teens should do if they feel like no one believes in them, and she said this:

“Nobody is going to find you. If you are waiting for somebody to find you, it will take ages, especially if you are hidden in the mountains of Thailand like me. You have to present yourself and find your own way up.”

Khanita is now a pharmacist and entrepreneur, and she even owns her own pharmacy. Check out my brand new book It’s the Awkwardness for Me to read the full interview. You can even get a free chapter from the book here.

Even when Khanita was a complete beginner, she believed that someday she could become an expert. She started by asking questions, listening, and getting involved. All three things you can do too! Don’t let being young stop you— people love to help the next generation of leaders.

Even if you don’t have a ton of skills yet, you can at least believe that you can someday! Then go out and find those opportunities where you can learn and grow.


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