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Don't Make this Mistake when Setting a Goal

I'm definitely guilty of setting a goal and then never doing anything about it. Sound familiar? When setting a goal, there is one thing that will make it a recipe for disaster… not wanting it bad enough.

If you set a goal, but you aren’t HUNGRY TO ACHIEVE IT, you’ll never make it happen. Life is not Amazon Prime! We can’t just wish for what we want and expect it to be delivered to our doorstep the next day. If you want all your dreams to come true, you've got to be hungry. You've got to fight for it. You've got to work for it. You've got to dream for it.

I learned this from one of the best motivational legends out there, Les Brown. He told me 'If you do what is easy, life will be hard. If you do what is hard, life will be easy.'

What do you want in life? And how bad do you want it? Keeping healthy habits is hard… but your desire and your hunger are what will push you through all of the adversity.

You got this! Set audacious goals and stay hungry.

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