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You Are Not Alone (Day 1 #ByeAwkward)

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Are you ready?

The world is opening up, and you’ve been cooped in your room staring at a screen for the past year. If you’ve become socially awkward and want to take your confidence to the next level, keep reading.

Let’s say goodbye to awkward in 14 days, together. Each day leading up to the launch of my new book It’s the Awkwardness for Me I’ll be sharing a tip on how to make your social anxiety a thing of the past. From insights on how to worry less to actionable steps on what to do when you embarrass yourself, you’re going to want to tune in every day.

If you truly want to feel alive again and be equipped to do so, comment below and say that you’re in! Even better, send this post to someone you’re going to do this with.

Here's your insight for Day 1: You are not alone.

There are 7.7 billion people in the world, did you really think you could be the only awkward one? Think again, you are in great company. Knowing you're not alone helps you to not freak out as much when something embarassing happens.

Your task today is to like, comment, and share this blog post so that someone out there who is losing hope can be reminded that they are not alone.

See you back here tomorrow for another way to be less awkward. #byeawkward

*EDIT* It's the Awkwardness for Me is now available!


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Now Available!
It's the Confidence for Me

How to Go from Embarrassed and Insecure to Cool and Confident

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