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Why Am I Awkward? (Day 3 #ByeAwkward)

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Have you asked yourself why? Why do you consider yourself awkward? Why are you insecure? Why is it hard to make friends?

It can be easy to chalk up these things to genetics, external factors, or just because you’ve always been this way. We get so used to the life we have, avoiding certain situations and putting limits on ourselves, that we never take a moment to actually figure out why.

If you really want to change, you need to figure out where your problems are rooted. There might be something significant that’s bugging you or a lack of a skill you truly need to build.

Your challenge today for our #ByeAwkward countdown is to spend some time journaling about what’s got you all wound up. Maybe you don’t go out because you’re nervous about what other people think of you or you don’t talk to your parents because you feel like they’ll just judge you. Whatever it is, it’s important you identify those feelings and concerns so you can then create an actionable plan to overcome them.

Write it all down today. You can even share in the comments what you discover, who knows, someone else might feel the same way!

I’ll see you here tomorrow for the next step on how to be less awkward.

*EDIT* It's the Awkwardness for Me is now available!


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