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Stop Waiting for Other People to Change

Your life will never improve if you're waiting around for other people to take action. Focus on what you can control, you.

Ever wonder what's stopping you from achieving your dreams?⠀

Most of us blame external sources.⠀

It was our professor's fault for not teaching the material well enough.⠀

It was our boss's fault for not managing us well enough.⠀

It was our friend's fault for leaving us.⠀

While these arguments may be true, what's the point of telling ourselves these stories?⠀

Complaining about others will not improve anything.⠀

It won't increase the chances of them fixing what they've done.⠀

While that would be nice, that's not how life works.⠀

Bad things are going to happen to you.⠀

There are many things in life we cannot control, but the most important thing you can control is yourself.⠀

Instead of waiting around for others to make your life better, take advantage of the power you have within you.⠀

Start making life work for you however you can.⠀

Take responsibility and focus on yourself. It’s not about who’s fault it is or what’s fair. It’s about doing what you can to live your best life.

Drop the drama and get to work.⠀

The world needs you to be your best self. ⠀

Need a first step?⠀

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