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Mother Daughter Mentorship Sessions with Maeve Tedone and Bethany Hamilton

Some of my favorite speaking engagements this year have been for Bethany Hamilton's mother-daughter mentorship groups. The Ohana Experience is an awesome opportunity for mothers and daughters to join Bethany and various guest speakers on live mentorship calls. Throughout their time together, they learn about identity, friendships, health, responsibility, and so much more! The program ends with an in-person retreat for mothers and daughters in Hawaii! So fun!

It has been such a blessing to speak with three different groups of Ohana moms and girls. We talk about self-image, positive self-talk, embarrassing moments, teen problems, and regaining hope. Moms have asked so many great questions about how to connect with their daughters and how to help teens improve their mental health. The girls have shared how relatable my story is and how they feel seen, heard, and hopeful after the session.

Curious about what we talked about? Check out Bethany's recaps of the sessions here:

It's been so fun spending time with the Ohana girls, and I'm looking forward to more future events! Have an event coming up and need a guest speaker? Contact me here! I love speaking to teens and parents about social, emotional, and mental health.

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