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DeSoto Everything Teen Expo with Maeve Ronan (Dallas, Texas)

Mariachi bands, mental health resources, colleges, food vendors, dance workshops, and so much more! I attended the DeSoto Everything Teen Expo hosted by the DeSoto Public Library on April 30, 2022 and handed out 250 copies of It's the Depression for Me!

At the event, there were so many performances and resources for teens to help them succeed and get connected with their community. What an honor it was to be present and give away free copies of my books to attendees. Thank you to everyone who sponsored books, you made such a positive impact on these young people.

Teens I met shared how difficult the last few years have been and how they are in need of some hope and guidance. Many were excited to meet an author and to get their book signed. It was so cool seeing their faces light up when I told them the book was theirs without needing to pay for it or earn it.

Teachers and youth leaders shared the same, saying how needed books like these are for young people. I’m so grateful for the conversations I was able to have with people who attended this event. It’s clear there is a need for youth mentorship right now.

In my workshop, we talked about how to overcome negative thoughts. We walked step by step through the worksheet that goes along with page 37 in It's the Depression for Me. After brainstorming what negative thoughts come up for them, they made a plan to overcome them and then shared with the group. It was nice to have a small group of students, as they were able to open up and ask more personal questions. If you want to use this worksheet for your youth group or yourself, you can download it here:

Download PDF • 79KB

If you were at this event and the book impacted you in some way, send me an email to, I would love to hear your thoughts! Even if you didn't attend the event, if my books have impacted you in some way, send me a note! I love hearing from readers. 😊

I’m so glad I was able to attend this event. One of my favorite parts about what I do is looking a young individual in the eyes and telling them their life is worth living. Thank you to all of the generous friends, family members, and local businesses including Hillside Villages, who supported me financially to attend the DeSoto Everything Teen Expo! You are so amazing.

If you know of any teen events coming up in your area that you would like me to be a part of, let me know! I would love to come or provide books for your attendees. Learn more about the Teen Think book series here.

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