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3 Ways to Be More Confident Today

I had very little confidence in high school, like seriously, I was too scared to raise my hand to ask a question. Here are 3 tips to be more confident that I’ve learned since then!

I will never forget that sinking feeling I would get whenever the attention of the class was directed toward me. I was scared of what others would think about how I looked or how I sounded.

I cared so much about what my peers and teachers thought. And for what!? It was causing my anxiety to go off the charts. I knew I had to find a way to stop living to please others and to dramatically increase my confidence.

Even if you weren’t born confident, there’s still hope for you.

#1 Stop looking around to see what people think of you

They’re not thinking of you. Focus on yourself, which is the only thing you can control. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

#2 Sit up straight

Good posture is essential. Hold your head high. Smile. Breathe. Walk with purpose as if you felt confident. Even if you want to sink in your chair and hide, carry yourself as if you’re feeling totally awesome.

#3 Channel your future self

Ask yourself: What would future me do?

When you pretend you are your future self, it tricks your brain. You are no longer an awkward scrawny middle schooler but a confident and kind 20-year-old. When something awkward happens, don’t bow your head in fear; be the bold version of yourself.

It might feel weird at first to act so differently than your usual self, especially when you have little self-esteem, but soon it won’t be out of character. Eventually, you will grow into that better, future version of yourself.

These are the 3 tips that I use whenever I need a confidence boost throughout the day. For more self-esteem tools for teens, check out this book: It’s the Awkwardness for Me: 12 Ways to Make Being a Teen Less Awkward.


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