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Scented Kneadable Erasers

Scented Kneadable Erasers


Scented Kneadable Erasers! Perfect for back to school! Carry these around as a stress-reliever. Choose from 18 SCENTS!!


These are perfect for children, teens, and adults alike! Super cute and fun to fidget with. Erases pencil marks, can work on any type of paper.


  • School or Office Supplies

  • Cute Eraser

  • Fidget Toy

  • Stress/Anxiety Relief

  • Sensory Toy

  • Fun for School or Work


These mini erasers are made of durable rubber that helps remove pencil marks. Pull and twist the eraser to create a clean surface that leaves no eraser crumbs.


These erasers can work on any type of paper. They can be kneaded, stretched, smelled, and used to remove pencil marks. Perfect for in the classroom, at work, or at home.


Purchase Includes: 1 eraser in plastic container. Choose your flavor of choice or mystery for a surprise!

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